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institutional lending
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Lend directly to high quality institutions through the dAMM Protocol.

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What is dAMM?

dAMM is a lending and borrowing protocol for pooling assets and lending directly to top tier institutional borrowers. Interest rates algorithmically determined by supply and demand allow access to under-collateralized loans for borrowers and high yields for liquidity providers.


dAMM is the first institutional capital markets platform with an emphasis on all tokens. Lending is as simple as finding your pool and pressing “Deposit.”


High quality institutional borrowers are thoroughly vetted by our credit risk analyst, using KYC/AML documentation processes and consistent audited financial statements to ensure adequate liquidity and security for lenders to the platform.

Infographic explaing the demographics of dAMM Finance's borrowers and lenders. Lenders: Token Issuers, DAO's, Token Communities. Borrowers: Funds, Market Makers, Prop Traders.

Why dAMM?

We built dAMM to solve the problem of “dead” token capital - allowing lenders to receive interest and borrowers to provide liquidity across all crypto markets.

No Exorbitant Fees

Our vision of institutional lending is a feeless one. Meaning no deposit, withdrawal, or AUM expenses. Rather than paying high retainers, token issuers earn APY for depositing to our pools.

No Strenuous Onboarding

dAMM onboarding is turnkey for issuers, rigorous for borrowers, and not required for depositors. This allows to adequately manage risk levels, providing security to all users.

No Term Negotiation

Typically institutional lending is limited to fixed length deals with locked in rates. dAMM’s loans are redeemable immediately and able to be held for extended periods of time by borrowers.

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